Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prayer, right thing to do, but maybe done wrongly

Sometimes when we I pray, I want God to be sincere. I want God to take care of everything that I am thinking. God put me to tests, as He does to everybody. At times, I might think why would I be tested? Why would I be tested on the things I can't bear.

Maybe I looked at it wrongly, God indeed is always sincere. He never tested us of what we can't bear. It is me who by my selfish acts, make the prayer not sincere. I ask for consolations at hard times but not am being grateful when I have to. I pray but I do not what I pray. I pray for what I want but not what I need. I haven't let God carry out his plans in me totally. I pray but I do not work. I work but I do not pray. Or sometimes worse, I do not both.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Super random thought (READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION)


Human behavior and attitude towards a situation is analogous to closed-loop control system. People that never get high when they achieve something will never reach what they are up to (low forward gain, in this case we are talking about a very simple proportional control). In order to achieve something, you have to be enthusiastic enough. But, when you are too enthusiastic with your achievements or you are taking your failure too hard, you might go beyond the line and get unstable (excessive forward gain creates oscillations and overshoots). You have to adjust it, if you realize that you're getting too responsive to certain situations, you have to slow it down when it's happening (related to differential control, it changes the transient response, your response when the situations start to build up). It dampens your response, so you do not cross the boundary too much, at the same time you're avoiding crazy mood swings (oscillations). Last part, you have to evaluate your response after a long period of time. You have to look back at your own history and assess your overall attitude so you can hit the "sweet spot" in behaving or reacting to a certain situation (integral control). But, be extremely careful. You should only use that slightly. Don't overuse your historical background, or it might change your overall actions (good integral control doesn't change the transient response too much, it only fixes the steady-state error). Well, again, human life might not be that linear, so other control schemes other than PID might be considered...wootttsss....AdiĆ³s!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Writer's Block

Alright, so today I am writing another blog post again. As you may have wondered and you were right, this post is about writer's block, which is an inability or difficulty in writing stuffs. C'mon, just admit it, everybody faced it or is currently facing it. Since writing has become quite an essential part in our daily life, writer's block has given many of us a big problem and I just felt like discussing it now. I do not have any solutions to this problem yet, but I do have some ways that I have been attempting to if not eliminate, reduce my writer's block by either significant or insignificant amount. AGAIN: This is my personal view and is not associated to any scientific studies on the matter. I, myself am no expert in writing, too.

I am writing about writer's block as writing in general, not about academic or scientific writing. It's just about getting comfortable to put ideas in the form of words. The first thing we should know before we attempt to solve a problem is of course identifying the problem itself. This can be done by listing the possible causes of writer's block:
  1. Not having the habit of writing. If we are not people who are used to writing, it is kinda hard to start writing isn't it?
  2. Lack of knowledge in the language that is going to be written in. This includes the lack of  vocabulary possession, grammar usage and commonly used phrases. This is a big obstacle in writing especially if one grew up in a place where the use of the language to be written is not used. Let me go straight to an example. English is not my first language and English is not commonly used as every-day's language in the place where I grew up. I had difficulties writing in English and probably still do sometimes.
  3. Not knowing what to write. Self-explanatory. It is probably okay if you have nothing to write in your blogs or twitter, but what if you HAVE TO write something and you CAN'T avoid it?
  4. Knowing the topic to be written about, but you just feel not ready to write about it. This can be associated to several problems, like not having enough materials to write about, ethically or politically inappropriate ideas.
  5. Having general ideas about what to write, but it is hard to put them in sentences. This is much less severe problem although it could use some workarounds.
  6. Technical difficulties. Lack of time or resources to write, maybe you have a lousy word editing software?
  7. Psychological obstacles, like anxiety, laziness, lack of motivation. This might come from all the points above but state of mind might be a major contributor.
Now, how to get rid of  do something to improve them? Each numbered point below corresponds to each cause of writer's block above.
  1. Start making writing as a habit immediately!! By that i do mean reading, too!! Probably starting to keep your own daily journals or writing a blog cultivates the habit of writing. I did that years ago. It's hard at first, but you can make it easier for yourself. Just write. Anything. Of course, do not write to insult anybody, at least not purposely. About reading, if you feel hard making it a habit, at least try to read topics that you like. If you like skateboarding for example, read articles or magazine about skateboarding!!
  2. This requires time, practice and exposure. If you wanna improve your writing skills in a particular language, you then have to start learning the language. No other choice. you either  get a formal course if you have zero knowledge in the language or you can learn it the 'fun' ways if you have basic knowledge in the language. The 'fun' ways include reading, watching movies and conversing in the language to be learned. While reading (reliable sources like magazines or newspapers), do not only try to understand the general ideas in the content but also take your time to actually read word by word and notice the use of grammar. If you have a smartphone, install a dictionary apps. If you encounter a word that you do not know, search it. Same with watching movies, too. Conversing might make you notice and fix your mistakes faster. Although at times it might be embarrassing, it's perfectly okay. :)
  3. Well, the only way is to do your work. Find out about what you are going to write. Read, listen from people, take note, collect materials for the stuffs you're going to write.
  4. Related to point 3. But this also extends to writing about sensitive issues. Suggestion is do not write sensitive issues unless you know what you are writing about and you have a strong standpoint.
  5. Well, you are so close!!! You have all the materials about the stuff you're gonna write but you can't put them together. SO, take it easy!! Just write all your ideas in point forms. All of them. Although in a very, very informal manner even if you need to produce a formal writing, e.g. I read this book blah blah blah 3 days ago, I think what the author was trying to say is blah blah blah... or I want to write about blah blah blah , I think it is supposed to be blah blah blah, i probably need more evidences to support this. Then you can group similar ideas together, for which can further be developed as paragraphs.
  6. Straight forward problem. You just need to do the best out of it. Although things like software and typewriters can be replaced, time normally can't be negotiated. So, just try your best to produce whatever you can.
  7. If it is about mood, you need to fix it yourself. But if it is about problems as explained in 1-6, you just have to solve them first.
And to be honest, this was written for myself as a quick fix guide. But I would be grateful if some people find it useful.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to clean and make your old car carpet smells good again

I bought an old second-hand (probably third or fourth or hundredth lol) car carpet like few years back but I couldn't put it to my old car because it smelt like, you know....anyway, they were strong pet smells and stains on there. I've been washing it with detergent for like the past 2 years (well around once or twice a year) and there seemed to be no improvements...and still I didn't keep it inside my house because I bet it will toxify all of us at home..

So I came across few articles in the Internet saying it is possible to remove the stains and smells by using...u can't believe it...baking powder!! Well, some of them mixed the cleaning solution with pet stain remover, which is some cleaning agent sold in American or European countries...But it is kinda hard to get those stuffs in Asian countries, OK, especially near my neighborhood. hahah...If there's anybody out there encountering the same problem, I hope this will help. To get straight to the point, this is what I did. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if anything goes wrong when you try this yourself. I am just sharing what I tried few days back :)

  • Before we start anything, it is nice for you to find an open space where you can put the carpet under direct sunlight. It might be good for you to dry it in the sun for a day or so.
  • Suck all dirt and dusts that you can possibly suck with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Depending on the size of the carpet, spread baking powder on the carpet evenly (I used around 400 grams of it).
  • If you have spray or nozzle spray commonly used for gardening, you can spray a little amount of water on the carpet (really like, a little, so that it will eventually mix with the baking powder and become something like a paste).
  • Let it dry stay overnight.

  • Your carpet should be dry by now. You can see all the dried up baking powder solution you put the day before. Suck all these residues with a vacuum cleaner.
  • It might sound bad, but try to smell your carpet. HAHA. It should not smell as bad as before but still it doesn't smell good.
  • Now, you should prepare like 200-300 grams of baking powder, 200-300 grams of fabric detergent, 2 cups of fabric softener and 1-2 cups of odor remover. Odor remover is a transparent liquid with some fragrant smell and seems like containing some alcohol. If you can't get it, another alternative must be some anti-bacterial spray. Just take out 1-2 cups of its content from the anti-bacterial spray.
  • Mix all of the aforementioned stuffs with 2 cups of water thoroughly. If you can get warm water, it is even better. 
  • Apply this solution to the carpet evenly. It is a very, very concentrated solution so you have to grab a little bit of it and start spreading slowly.
  • Let it dry and stay overnight.
  • Again, your carpet should be dry by now. Again suck up all the residues of your cleaning solution with a vacuum cleaner.
  • If you feel that this method helps to clean your carpet, but somehow the result is still not satisfactory, you can repeat the process from DAY 2 onwards.

Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 - first quarter of silence

nah...don't worry about the title...was just being's taken from DC's 15th movie...

oh my...four months of working life was a new thing for me...:) and i hope i can learn much from this phase of life...

well...hopefully i can keep myself motivated for these few years to come of me pursuing my postgrad...especially in this starting year!!!and for my part-time duty of teaching the undergrads, hopefully i can be a good help for them...i don't know how kids think nowadays, but me, i prefer to have a very very strict teacher...o.O...i like teaching ever since i was in secondary school and i think it's one of the best ways to Einstein's (famously claimed to be a quote of his but not verified) saying goes "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" teaching, one can actually know how far one's understanding of something...and it's good for personal improvement...but i realized giving formal classes are now so much different from the time i gave private tuitions...hmmm....:/...have to prepare and read the materials thoroughly before classes...

well, that's about work...another thing that i'm having a bit of interest nowadays is (ironically) science fiction...hahah...maybe because i started to watch The Big Bang Theory and Fringe few months back...barely touched my guitar or even learning new songs lately...gosh!!rarely hang out as well except for suppers..luckily there was a holiday on wednesday due to M'sia's new king's installation...that day me, my bro, nat and jason went to the spring...since it was public holiday...even we have to queue for almost 2 hours for movie ticket...++"...we started queuing around 2pm, since we planned to queue for sushi bonanza, we decided to watch battleship at 7.45pm...then after we got the ticket we queued for sushi bonanza...surprisingly it didn't take long for us to queue for the sushi...we took a lot of salmons and unagi-s ...tho not as much as we did few years back...and surprisingly also, we finished eating around we din really know how to kill that 2 hours time waiting for movie to we went to the food court and chit-chatted....jason told his story of working in the power plant in's very interesting hearing how they actually perform power generation...

Battleship was awesome!!!!truly awesome!!!typical michael bay's selling point...the CGI!!plus the marine warfare ('s unreal tho since they are fighting with aliens) is genius!!!the movie shows if US and Japan worked together...they can rule the world!!!HAHA...just sayin...

around june-july is really movie time!!!avengers, dark knight rises, gi joe, mib3, madagascar3 and many many more!!!!pokkai ah!!!but from this month to june...have to turn on my full working mode!!!

Cheers....see you again my almost-abandoned blog....